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English to German Technical Translation for the Production Industry

Erwin Höhne Translation Services EHTS is owned by Erwin Höhne, a freelance German translator who specializes in translation of materials for international marketing, the production industry and business communication.

With two decades of experience in German technical translation, two certificates in translation and business I have developed a high level of expertise. Before my career as a German technical translator I spent over twenty years working in exports and production logistics.

This experience gives me the insight and understanding of the technology behind your products and services in the manufacturing industry.

German Marketing Translation

Translating your online content enables your company to reach out to foreign partners and prospective overseas clients. This allows them to become more familiarized with your products and services.

In fact, some studies have shown that businesses that translate their website and marketing content grow faster than their competitors. After all, customers are more likely to purchase a product when web content is in their language.

In addition to your web content you can also provide German marketing translation for documents including

  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Social Media
  • Customer Support
German marketing translation

Companies with whom I have worked on German Technical translations

With the help of Erwin Höhne Translation Services EHTS your German content is tailored to your target audience. As a specialized native speaker, I craft high quality German technical translation. They read as if they had originally been written in German. With my German business translation, you can communicate your brand more effectively. Everything from content to communications can be adapted to appeal to your German speaking audiences.

These are just some of my clients for whom I have performed German business translation:

  • Wella AG
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Analyse & Prognose Bus Surveys
  • Viator Tours
  • Omron Viva Smart Scales
  • Donaldson Filtration Solutions
  • Watson Marlow Peristaltic Pumps
  • Liquid Fueling Stations
  • Global Risk Consultants
  • Durapipe Airline Systems
  • Cathelco Windfarm Protection
  • Cinetic Landis Precision Grinding Machinery
  • Marden Edwards Packaging Machinery
German Technical Translation

My passion for languages, production technology and business communication combined with my experience in the manufacturing field will make me a great addition to your team.

Your benefits

Most importantly, I work only in those fields in which I have appropriate knowledge and experience. I do a thorough research and ask questions for clarification. Here’s some of the benefits when you work with me:

  • You will receive a German marketing translation which conveys the same impression of your company’s products and services as the English version does
  • Your translation will be delivered polished in high quality. Ready for use. On time. No hassle
  • You will be dealing only with me, your translator. No middlemen. No translations written by third parties
  • That direct communication will save you both time and money

German Business Translation

As a specialized technical translator with decade long experience in the field and production industry, I have acquired extensive knowledge and skills. I have a deep understanding of the technology behind your products and services. With this experience and expertise in German business translation I gained an edge over many German translators.

I have translated and edited documents for numerous renowned clients. Here are some typical examples:

  • User manuals
  • Technical product literature
  • Training material
  • Safety data sheets
  • Newsletters

Why should you hire Erwin Höhne Translation Services EHTS directly?

For global companies looking for a lot of content in many languages, a Translation Agency can be the better choice. However, in almost every other circumstance, hiring a freelancer for German technical translation has a lot of benefits.

  • One point of contact and you know who you are working with
  • Direct communication. No project managers who pass on the request to a translator
  • It is easier to clarify your needs and wishes directly
  • You can create long-term personal relationships
  • No machine translation. You can make sure you get a human translator every time
  • You can get a specialized translator who knows the industry and your market
  • Better consistency as you always get the same translator
  • Increased confidentiality as professional translators have a confidentiality clause in their contract and take confidentiality seriously
  • Freelance translators are almost always cheaper. No administration staff. No project management

When working with me, you will get an experienced and certified German technical translator. Someone who communicates in a respectful, friendly, and timely manner. My clients appreciate my good customer service, professional demeanor and loyalty.

Visit my website to learn more about my German technical translation services for the production industry.