Overview of my Rates and Terms

Terms for my translation services

Unfortunately, I can’t give you an exact price here, as there are many variables involved such as

  • Number of words you need translated. The more words, the lower the price per word will be.
  • Complexity of the subject matter. Highly technical content requires a scientific level of expertise.
  • Volume of work. Special pricing for volume commitment.
  • Formatting requirements.

So I would ask you to send me your English text by email, and I will provide a written quotation. Alternatively, I can send you a price estimate without sight of the text if you give me the subject matter, size of document or a few sample pages. My solution will be tailored to your needs and right for your project.

My prices are subject to VAT for EC clients unless they provide their VAT/IVA number. I prefer to receive payment by wire transfer or PayPal. Payment is due within one month of the date of invoice unless otherwise agreed.

I offer payment in GBP.

My standard turnaround is between 1,500 to 2,000 words per business day plus two days for editing/processing (three days minimum).

In order to provide translation in consistent quality I use the latest translation technology. This maintains in a translation memory system my clients’ translated content for leveraging when needed.

When you use my services you get high quality translation by a specialized native speaker. This shows that you care about how your company is viewed, and it can boost your credibility and image in the target market.