English to German Translator for your Business Communication

Erwin Höhne Translation Services EHTS

Certified English to German Translator

Certified and experienced English to German Translator

  • Twenty years certified English to German translator
  • Over twenty years employment with Wella AG in the export and production / logistics management
  • Eighteen months business training in Britain in order to learn about international business and acquire proficiency in English
  • Two years business training in Germany
  • Various Spanish seminars in Spain and Germany
  • Six years Secondary High School


  • German Chamber of Commerce and Trade (IHK) English to German Translator Certificate
  • German Chamber of Commerce and Trade (IHK) Business Certificate
  • Secondary High School Certificate (Realschulabschluss)

My background

My name is Erwin Höhne. As a certified and experienced English to German translator I draw on longstanding expertise in this industry. Similarly, I pride myself on a solid commercial background. Before setting up my own translation business I worked for Wella AG in Darmstadt. With my excellent knowledge in business management and linguistic skills I developed the Caribbean Markets for this company. During this time, I gained an in-depth understanding of marketing and international trade. In conclusion, this has proved to be an invaluable asset for localizing German business communication.

In the last decade of my business career, I was responsible for coordinating production facilities in The Americas. This involved consolidation of factories. In addition, I monitored harmonization of products and established central ordering systems. Being fluent in Spanish, I was able to talk with the middle management and machine operators in the factories. In this way, I was able to acquire a deep understanding of production and shipping systems. It was therefore a logical consequence to choose the field of production as one of my other specialist areas.

To sum up, those experiences honed my technical skills. In other words, they enhanced my translations with accurate terminology and culturally-appropriate texts. Now I combine my passion for English to German translation and business experience. As an experienced linguist I make sure your communication is perfectly adapted to your target audience.


I am a member of the ‚Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer‘ (BDÜ).  Therefore, I abide by their high professional standards.

Being a premium member of ‚LinkedIn‘ I reach out to the international business world. That is to say, I follow the latest trends, find and communicate with new business contacts, and keep abreast of leading-edge technology / expertise.