• English to German Professional Translation

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My German text will help you bridge the language gaps between English and German. As a result you can strengthen your marketing strategies, reach out to new clients and improve your business opportunities.

My services

English to German translation is my passion. As an experienced linguist I specialize in the fields of IT, e-learning, marketing materials, production, logistics and general business documentation. Therefore, my texts read like they were created in German. Furthermore, with my expertise in the field, language and culture I create concise, clear German translation. When you hire me as a professional linguist, you will gain brand awareness, reflect your company message and increase your website traffic. Most importantly, your company will save time, money and achieve best results.

Proof reading and editing

As an experienced proof-reader I check, edit and rewrite German translation. My extensive professional background ensures that your final project is of the highest quality. That is to say, it will be linguistically adapted to read like it was originally written by a German speaker. In other words, your edited German text does not sound  like a translation but will be appealing to your clients.

Likewise, I check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, layout, syntax and style as well as for typographical errors.

Native speaker of German

I translate only from English to my German native language. As the art of translation is not limited to linguistics, it requires natural adaption that only native speakers can provide. In short, my translation sounds natural every time, and it reads like it was originally written in German.

Near native command of English

This ensures I understand all nuances in the source text and translate them correctly in German. I do not only translate the words, but also consider culturally sensitive matters. In other words, the resulting text will resonate with your customers.

Professional experience

Nearly twenty years working as a freelance translator. In addition, I draw on many years’ professional experience in the export business, strategic production planning and processing. With my translation you can communicate your brand more effectively. Consequently, it will help you build consumer confidence and increase your international sales.

Quality service

As a certified translator I work only in my fields of expertise. Likewise, I use the latest translation technology to ensure consistency and quality of the translated text. My linguistic services fully comply with the terms of the German Translator Association (BDÜ) of which I am a member. In conclusion, I can help you exhibit the strengths of your outstanding products and services in German speaking markets.

Quality assurance

My QA process is based on the requirements for translation services ISO 17100:2015. Therefore, it comprises the following four key steps:

  • Study the subject matter in-depth to fully understand the content of the source text
  • Pre-translate and set up a term base for leveraging when needed
  • Review and edit my German translation
  • Run a final QA-check using the tool of my translation software.

Customer satisfaction

I take pride in my services. Consequently, I care about the needs of my customers. Likewise, I make sure to meet up to their expectations or even surpass them. I practice honesty, communicate well and am pleasant to work with. When you use my services, you deal only with me. This avoids middlemen, provides a personal service and guarantees confidentiality.