German translation services by a certified and experienced translator

  • Production, logistic and business translations

My German translations will help you bridge the gap between English and German. As a result, you can strengthen your marketing strategies, reach out to new clients and improve your business opportunities.

My services as a German translation provider

German translation services are my passion. Accordingly, my work is characterized by the highest quality standards. To be perceived as an expert by my clients, I work only in specialized fields in which I have appropriate knowledge and experience.

I have expertise in the following sectors:

  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Business communication

You get a clear, linguistically adapted German translation in high consistency that best reflects your brand.

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Proof reading, editing and support

As an experienced proof-reader I check, edit, and rewrite German translation.

Your edited German text will read like it was originally written by a German speaker. And it will be appealing to your clients.

I specialize in the translation, proofreading and editing of:

  • websites
  • user manuals
  • brochures
  • learning materials
  • IT materials for international companies

Likewise, with my German translation services you get quick email support and advice when needed.

How you can benefit by using my German translation services

When you hire me as a professional linguist you will

  • gain brand awareness, reflect your company message and increase your website traffic
  • receive an expert translation written by a qualified, native German specialist
  • be talking and dealing only with me, your translator – no middlemen, no translations written by third parties
  • communicate with me directly, and my industry expertise will save you time and money

Native speaker of German

I translate only from English to my German native language. That is to say, you get expert translation which is naturally adapted to generate the international enquiries and sales you need to grow your business.

Near native command of English

This ensures I understand all nuances in the source text and translate them correctly in German. Likewise, I do not only translate the words, but also consider culturally sensitive matters so that the resulting text will resonate with your customers.

Professional experience

Twenty years working as a freelance provider of English to German translation services. In addition, I pride myself on a decade long professional experience in the export business and strategic production planning.

Quality service

As a certified language translator I work only in my fields of expertise. Equally important, I use the latest translation technology to ensure consistency and quality of the translated text. My linguistic services fully comply with the terms of the German Translator Association – BDÜ (Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer) of which I am a proud member.

Quality assurance

My QA process is based on the requirements of ISO 17100:2015 standards for translation services. Cosequently, it comprises the following four key steps:

  • Research the subject matter to fully understand the content of the source text
  • Pre-translate and set up a glossary for leveraging when needed
  • Review and edit my German translation
  • Run a final QA-check using the tools of my translation software.

Similarly, I follow DIN EN 82079-1 standards for the translation of operating manuals in compliance with the law.

I meet my clients’ needs, I keep my promises and I provide great customer service.

Examples of my German translation projects and clients

In my many years working as a German language translator, I have provided translations for numerous well-known international companies including Wella Hair Cosmetics, Procter & Gamble, Donaldson Filtration Solutions, Watson Marlow Peristaltic Pumps, Viator Tours and Marden Edwards Packaging Machinery, to name but a few.

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